Breastfeeding Clinic


Ridge Meadows Breastfeeding Clinic is dedicated to supporting parents with their infant feeding goals.

Dr. Kok knows that each parent wants to do what is best for their baby and understands first hand the physical and emotional struggle when breastfeeding does not come naturally. Support is provided to parents who are exclusively breastfeeding, pumping, or inclusively formula and breastfeeding, or would like to formula feed at the breast.

Dr. Kok is a family physician providing maternal and infant care, with a special interest in breastfeeding medicine.

A referral is required for an appointment. Your care provider can fill in this referral form and fax to our office at 604-460-0044. Once received, we will contact you directly to book an appointment. We offer appointments in-person, but if preferred can be done virtually or telephonically.

Please bring baby to appointment ready to feed and bring any equipment that you are using for breastfeeding.